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Amateur Free-Agent Draft

1st round (2nd pick) OAK A Pete Broberg (did not sign)
2nd round CHI N Matt Alexander (signed July 9, 1968)
2nd round LA  N Bill Buckner
2nd round HOU N Rich Chiles
2nd round WAS A Jim Mason
2nd round DET A Bob Molinaro (signed June 17, 1968)
2nd round CIN N Milt Wilcox (signed June 16, 1968)
2nd round CHI A Hugh Yancy
3rd round ATL N Clint Compton
3rd round HOU N Bill Greif
3rd round CHI A Lamar Johnson
3rd round CLE A Bob Kaiser
3rd round BOS A Lynn McGlothen (signed June 10, 1968)
4th round BAL A Jesse Jefferson
4th round ATL N Mike McQueen
4th round MIN A Jim Nettles
4th round LA  N Mike Pazik (did not sign)
4th round PHI N Buddy Schultz (did not sign)
5th round BAL A Ron Dunn
5th round PIT N Wayne Garland (did not sign)
5th round NY  N Burt Hooton (did not sign)
5th round LA  N Tom Paciorek
5th round WAS A Jeff Terpko
5th round HOU N Larry Yount
5th round NY  A George Zeber
6th round BOS A Cecil Cooper
6th round WAS A Mike Cubbage (did not sign)
6th round OAK A Rich Troedson (did not sign)
7th round CAL A Tom Bradley
7th round KC  A Lance Clemons
7th round STL N Tom Heintzelman
7th round NY  A Wayne Nordhagen
7th round SEA A Bill Parsons
7th round SD  N Dave Robinson
7th round NY  N Charlie Williams
8th round LA  N Joe Ferguson
8th round DET A Ross Grimsley (did not sign)
8th round SF  N Jim Howarth
8th round SEA A Tom Kelly
9th round LA  N Doyle Alexander
9th round CLE A Larry Johnson
9th round KC  A Monty Montgomery
9th round NY  N Jack Pierce (did not sign)
10th round ATL N Mike Beard (did not sign)
10th round WAS A Larry Biittner
10th round DET A Marvin Lane
10th round CAL A Harvey Shank
10th round NY  N Hank Webb
11th round BAL A Al Bumbry
11th round CLE A Vince Colbert
11th round ATL N John Fuller
11th round PIT N Milt May
11th round BOS A Ben Oglivie
11th round NY  N Don Rose
11th round WAS A Chris Speier (did not sign)
12th round NY  A Duane Kuiper (did not sign)
12th round CLE A Chuck Machemehl
12th round SD  N Dave Moates (did not sign)
13th round CAL A Rick Auerbach (did not sign)
13th round BAL A Bill Fahey (did not sign)
14th round SD  N Jim Crawford (did not sign)
14th round PIT N Bruce Kison
14th round NY  N John Milner
14th round CHI A Richie Moloney
16th round CHI N Oscar Gamble (signed June 18, 1968)
16th round KC  A Dane Iorg (did not sign)
16th round CHI A Stan Perzanowski
16th round CLE A Steve Stone (did not sign)
17th round LA  N Bob Gallagher
18th round HOU N Ken Forsch
18th round CLE A John Lowenstein
18th round PIT N Paul Mitchell (did not sign)
18th round DET A Bob Strampe
18th round MIN A Jerry Terrell
19th round SEA A Wilbur Howard
21st round BAL A Rich Coggins
22nd round BOS A Bill Lee
23rd round STL N Craig Swan (did not sign)
24th round WAS A Jim Cox (did not sign)
25th round KC  A Paul Splittorff
25th round CIN N Mike Willis (did not sign)
26th round STL N Bob Forsch
26th round OAK A John Strohmayer
29th round CLE A Doug Bird (did not sign)
31st round ATL N Rudy Arroyo (did not sign)
31st round BAL A Bill Bonham (did not sign)
33rd round CLE A Dave Augustine (did not sign)
33rd round STL N Tim Plodinec
33rd round BAL A Bill Stein (did not sign)
34th round SF  N Rob Ellis (did not sign)
38th round STL N Ed Halicki (did not sign)
52nd round LA  N Bob Sheldon (did not sign)
1st round (1st pick) secondary phase CHI N Dave Lemonds
1st round (2nd pick) secondary phase CHI A Bart Johnson
1st round (3rd pick) secondary phase SF  N Ed Goodson
1st round (5th pick) secondary phase CIN N Mel Behney
1st round (6th pick) secondary phase CLE A Rick Austin
1st round (10th pick) secondary phase BOS A John Curtis
1st round (13th pick) secondary phase LA  N Steve Garvey
1st round (15th pick) secondary phase HOU N Buddy Harris
1st round (16th pick) secondary phase WAS A Rick Henninger
1st round (18th pick) secondary phase MIN A Danny Thompson
1st round (20th pick) secondary phase DET A Elliott Maddox
2nd round secondary phase CHI A Ken Hottman
2nd round secondary phase LA  N Sandy Vance
3rd round secondary phase PHI N Jim Barr (did not sign)
3rd round secondary phase LA  N Ron Cey
3rd round secondary phase CHI A Dan Neumeier
3rd round secondary phase NY  N Ray Peters (did not sign)
3rd round secondary phase CHI N Chris Ward (signed June 17, 1968)
4th round secondary phase ATL N Ron Cash (did not sign)
4th round secondary phase SD  N Rich Hinton (did not sign)
4th round secondary phase CLE A John Morlan (did not sign)
4th round secondary phase CHI N Paul Reuschel (signed June 17, 1968)
5th round secondary phase NY  N Rich Hand (did not sign)
5th round secondary phase SD  N Bob O'Brien (did not sign)
6th round secondary phase CLE A Ray Bare (did not sign)
7th round secondary phase LA  N Bob Randall (did not sign)
8th round secondary phase NY  N Mickey Rivers (did not sign)

BOLD FACE =Made Majors


Pick Name Position Drafted By School
1 Tim Foli SS Mets Notre Dame HS (Canoga Park,CA)
2 Pete Broberg P Athletics Palm Beach HS (FL)
3 Martin Cott C Astros Hutchinson Technical HS (Buffalo,NY)
4 Thurman Munson C Yankees Kent State University
5 Bobby Valentine OF Dodgers Rippowam HS (Stamford,CT)
6 Robert Weaver SS-OF Indians Paxon HS (Jacksonville,FL)
7 Curtis Moore OF Braves Denison HS (TX)
8 Don Castle P-1B-OF Senators Coldwater HS (MS)
9 Dick Sharon OF Pirates Sequoia HS (Redwood City,CA)
10 Junior Kennedy SS Orioles Arvin HS (CA)
11 Greg Luzinksi 1B Phillies Notre Dame HS (Prospect Heights,IL)
12 Lloyd Allen P Angels Selma HS (Selma,CA)
13 Timothy Grant P Reds Riverview HS (Boykins,VA)
14 Rich McKinney SS-3B White Sox Ohio University
15 Ralph Rickey OF Cubs University of Oklahoma
16 Alex Rowell OF Twins Luther College
17 Gary Matthews OF Giants San Fernando HS (Pacoima,CA)
18 Robert Robinson OF Tigers Thomas Dale HS (Chester,VA)
19 James Hairston OF Cardinals Roth HS (Dayton,OH)
20 Tom Maggard OF-C Red Sox John Glenn HS (Norwalk,CA)


21 Donald Dickerson 1B Mets Ensley HS (Birmingham,AL)
22 John Shelley OF-IF Athletics Casady HS (Oklahoma City,OK)
23 Rich Chiles OF Astros Winters HS (CA)
24 Kenneth Johnson SS Yankees Redwood HS (Larkspur,CA)
25 Bill Buckner 1B Dodgers Napa HS (Vallejo,CA)
26 John Parks 3B-SS Indians Lakewood HS (Lakewood,CA)
27 Danny Landis P Braves Franklin Heights HS (Columbus,OH)
28 Jimmy Mason SS Senators Murphy HS (Mobile,AL)
29 Brad Gratz P Pirates George Sclafer HS (Southgate,MI)
30 Michael Herson P Orioles University of Maryland
31 Jeff Wang OF Phillies South Torrance HS (CA)
32 Gordon Carter OF Angels Sunny Hills HS (Fullerton,CA)
33 Milt Wilcox P Reds Crooked Oak HS (Oklahoma City,OK)
34 Hugh Yancy SS White Sox Sarasota HS (Sarasota,FL)
35 Matt Alexander 3B Cubs Grambling State University
36 John Langerhans 1B Twins South San Antonio HS (TX)
37 Andrew Dudish SS-OF Giants Avondale HS (Avondale Estates,GA)
38 Bob Molinaro OF Tigers Essex-Catholic HS (Newark,NJ)
39 Wade Boyett P-SS Cardinals Davidson HS (Mobile,AL)
40 Curtis Suchan IF-OF Red Sox Jesuit HS (Tampa,FL)


41 Bernard Boehmer C Mets St. Dominic HS (O'Fallon,IL)
42 Charles Chaney C-3B Athletics Los Angeles,CA
43 Bill Greif P Astros Reagan HS (Austin,TX)
44 Richard Trapp SS Yankees University of Florida
45 Paul Johnson OF Dodgers South Carolina State University
46 Bobby Kaiser P Indians Weber HS (Ogden,UT)
47 Clint Compton P Braves Robert E. Lee HS (Montgomery,AL)
48 Rickey Rogers SS Senators New Carlisle HS (OH)
49 James Sams P Pirates Cuyahoga Falls HS (OH)
50 Conrad Herrman P Orioles Sterling HS (Somerdale,NJ)
51 William Lash P-OF Phillies Windsor Locks HS (CT)
52 John Harbin SS Angels Berea HS (Greenville,SC)
53 Richard Lenard P Reds LaPorte HS (LaPorte,IN)
54 Lamar Johnson C White Sox Wenonah HS (Birmingham,AL)
55 Jeff Pederson OF Cubs Fermin Lausen HS (San Pedro,CA)
56 Michael Cavanaugh SS Twins Birmingham HS (Van Nuys,CA)
57 Allen Cowgill P Giants Bradley University
58 Raymond Blosse P Tigers High Point University
59 Mark Kitchell OF Cardinals Mamaroneck HS (NY)
60 Lynn McGlothen P Red Sox Grambling HS (Simsboro,LA)


61 Alan Dodson P Mets Sweetwater HS (National City,CA)
62 Steven Tingle SS Athletics Pleasure Ridge Park HS (KY)
63 Larry Mansfield 1B Astros University of Tennessee
64 Steven Kogut C Yankees Upland HS (CA)
65 Mike Pazik P Dodgers Lynn English HS (Lynn,MA)
66 Dan Covert 1B Indians Austin HS (Austin,TX)
67 Mike McQueen P Braves Spring Branch HS (Houston,TX)
68 Alan Schwartz P Senators McArthur HS (Wantaugh,NY)
69 Mike Marine P Pirates Warren HS (Downey,CA)
70 Jesse Jefferson P Orioles Carver HS (Midlothian,VA)
71 Buddy Schultz P Phillies Shaw HS (East Cleveland,OH)
72 Richard Hansen P Angels McLane HS (Fresno,CA)
73 Edward May P Reds McLain HS (North Tulsa,OK)
74 Dennis Deck P White Sox Magnolia HS (Anaheim,CA)
75 Michael Roe P Cubs East Providence HS (Riverside,RI)
76 Jim Nettles OF Twins San Diego State University
77 Ken Rutkowski OF-1B Giants University of Buffalo
78 Thomas Castellar P Tigers Kennedy HS (Taylor,MI)
79 Dick McVay P-OF Cardinals Norway HS (IA)
80 Allen Collins C Red Sox Glendora HS (Glendora,CA)
81 Michael Swain P Expos Ohio State University
82 Marty West C Pilots Rock Hill HS (SC)
83 Luciano Hernandez P Padres Solana Beach HS (CA)
84 Kenneth O'Donnell SS Royals Neptune HS (Neptune,NJ)


85 Burt Hooton P Mets King HS (Corpus Christi,TX)
86 William Lucas 3B Athletics Westfield HS (MA)
87 Larry Yount P Astros Taft HS (Woodland Hills,CA)
88 George Zeber SS Yankees Loara HS (Anaheim,CA)
89 Tommy Paciorek OF-1B Dodgers University of Houston
90 Larry Shaw OF-1B Indians Matawan HS (Matawan,NJ)
91 Roger Reid SS Braves Weber State University
92 Jeff Terpko P Senators Sayre HS (PA)
93 Wayne Garland P Pirates Cohn HS (Nashville,TN)
94 Ronald Dunne 2B Orioles Hoover HS (Fresno,CA)
95 Allen Bowers OF Phillies Mount Vernon HS (Fort Belvoir,VA)
96 Dennis Wallin C Angels Rio-Americano HS (Sacramento,CA)
97 Edward Upstone P Reds Walter Lutheran HS (Lyons,IL)
98 Thomas Wittum 3B White Sox Round Lake HS (RoundLAke,IL)
99 Harvey Winn 2B Twins Loara HS (Anaheim,CA)
100 Kerry Horn OF-3B Giants Fairfield HS (AL)
101 Thomas Miller OF Tigers Reading HS (Reading,PA)
102 David Sagasar P Cardinals Taft HS (CA)
103 Manny Crespo SS Red Sox Miami Senior HS (Miami,FL)
104 William Ward P Expos Southern Tech Institute
105 Greg Brosterhous SS-P Pilots Klamath Falls HS (OR)
106 John Preston P Padres Sweetwater HS (Chula Vista,CA)
107 John Nelson OF Royals Duarte HS (Duarte,CA)


108 Robert Masteller P Mets Midwest City HS (OK)
109 Rich Troedson P Athletics Camden HS (San Jose,CA)
110 John Grant P Astros Westchester HS (Los Angeles,CA)
111 Adrian Kent OF Yankees Parsons College
112 Robert Auger 1B Dodgers Putnam HS (Putnam,CT)
113 John Howell P Indians Lee HS (Midland,TX)
114 John Burns C Braves Eastern Illinois University
115 Mike Cubbage SS-3B Senators Lane HS (Charlottesville,VA)
116 Peter Halfman OF Pirates Jesuit HS (Sacramento,CA)
117 Richard Wurkits C Orioles Hoover HS (Fresno,CA)
118 Willie Jones OF Phillies Southern HS (Philadelphia,PA)
119 Gregory Dehn C Angels Anoka HS (Anoka,MN)
120 Albert Faix P Reds Pennsylvania Ridge HS (Sellersville,PA)
121 Robert Giesler P White Sox LaPorte HS (LaPorte,IN)
122 Randolph Richardson C Cubs Pfeiffer College
123 Avery Morris OF Twins Franklin County HS (Estill Springs,TN)
124 Thomas Impliazzo C Giants Eagle Rock HS (CA)
125 Frank Fisher P Tigers Wayne HS (Wayne,MI)
126 Jack Stripling P-SS Cardinals Holdenville HS (OK)
127 Cecil Cooper 1B Red Sox Brenham HS (Brenham,TX)
128 Roger Nelson C Expos Lincoln S.E. HS (NE)
129 Roger McSwain OF Pilots Crest HS (Shelby,NC)
130 Bob McRoberts OF Padres Crawford HS (El Cajon,CA)
131 Mark Tanner 1B-P Royals Neshannock HS (New Castle,PA)


132 Charlie Williams P Mets Parsons College
133 Howell Copeland P Athletics University of Georgia
134 Greg Pavlick P-3B Astros Thomas A. Edison HS (Alexandria,VA)
135 Wayne Nordhagen OF Yankees Treasure Valley Community College
136 Joseph Barkauskas C Dodgers Piscataway HS (NJ)
137 Richard Napolitano P Indians St. John's University
137 Lee Grotelueschen SS Braves Southeast HS (Lincoln,NE)
138 Harold Richmond P Senators Travis HS (Austin,TX)
139 David Van Volkenburg P Pirates Cathedral Prep HS (Erie,PA)
140 Danny Hart SS Orioles Troup County HS (LaGrange,GA)
141 Brian Hansen C Phillies University of Buffalo
142 Tom Bradley P Angels University of Maryland
143 Phillip Freeman OF-1B Reds Wasson HS (Colorado Springs,CO)
144 Collis James C White Sox Mobile County Training School HS (Prichard,AL)
145 Thomas McDermott SS Cubs Northwest HS (St. Louis,MO)
146 John Roatche C Twins Hatboro HS (PA)
147 Gary Jacobson C Giants Hamline University (MN)
148 Daryl Busen P Tigers Fordson HS (Dearborn,MI)
149 Tom Heintzelman 2B Cardinals Parsons College
150 Harold Kurtzman IF Red Sox University HS (Beverly Hills,CA)
151 Kevin Bryant SS Expos Winter Haven HS (FL)
152 Bill Parsons P Pilots Riverside Community College
153 David Robinson OF Padres Clairmont HS (CA)
154 Lance Clemmons OF Royals West Chester University


155 Marvin Leonard P Mets DeWitt Clinton HS (Bronx,NY)
156 Edward Bacak P Athletics Carroll HS (Corpus Christi,TX)
157 Raylan Hoellwarth C Astros Lodi HS (Lodi,CA)
158 Patrick Denning C Yankees Schurz HS (Chicago,IL)
159 Joe Ferguson OF Dodgers University of the Pacific
160 Tom Stauffer C Indians Margretta HS (Castalia,OH)
161 Cecil Johnson 3B Braves Dorsey HS (Los Angeles,CA)
162 Gene Wiley P Senators Threadgill HS (Greenwood,MS)
163 Michael Cooper P Pirates Kokomo HS (IN)
164 Gerald Tassa P Orioles Washington & Lee HS (Arlington,VA)
165 Edward Goldstone 3B-1B Phillies Yale University
166 Randy Niles SS Angels Santa Monica Junior College (CA)
167 William Hoelzer OF Reds Clinton HS (Clinton,MI)
168 Leonard Massaro P White Sox Richmond HS (Richmond,CA)
169 Joseph Biercevicz P Cubs Shelton HS (Huntington,CT)
170 Timothy Evans SS Twins Littleton HS (CO)
171 Jim Howarth OF Giants Mississippi State University
172 Ross Grimsley P Tigers Frayser HS (Memphis,TN)
173 Ted Hemenway P Cardinals Mehlville HS (MO)
174 Roy Handel C Red Sox Columbus HS (Columbus,GA)
175 William Kendall 3B Expos University of Minnesota
176 Tom Kelly OF Pilots St. Mary's HS (South Amboy,NJ)
177 Alan Hansen P Padres La Mesa HS (CA)
178 Clark Ullom P Royals Shawnee Mission South HS (Shawnee,KS)


179 Jack Pierce OF Mets San Jose HS (CA)
180 Greg Schubert OF Athletics Washington State University
181 Andrew Williams IF Astros Jesuit HS (New Orleans,LA)
182 Howard Casey P Yankees Treasure Valley Community College
183 Doyle Alexander P Dodgers Woodlawn HS (Birmingham,AL)
184 Larry Johnson C Indians East Tech HS (Cleveland,OH)
185 James Shebesta P Braves Paschal HS (Fort Worth,TX)
186 Bruce Clarke P-OF Senators Pawtucket West HS (Pawtucket,RI)
187 Frank Barlew 3B Pirates Montour HS (Pittsburgh,PA)
188 Larry Jones P Orioles Oak Park HS (Kansas City,MO)
189 Phillip Harvey P Phillies Washington HS (Kansas City,KS)
190 Gilbert McCord SS Angels University of South Carolina
191 Carl Williamson P Reds El Rancho HS (Poco Rivera,CA)
192 William Menk P White Sox Lincoln HS (Philadelphia,PA)
193 Ronald Jones P Cubs Covina HS (West Covina,CA)
194 Mike Brooks SS Twins West Covina HS (CA)
195 Richard McKinley P Giants Pittsburg HS (CA)
196 John Hyde P Tigers Loyola Academy HS (Chicago,IL)
197 Lawrence Hebert 3B Cardinals Sacramento City College
198 Edward Baird P Red Sox University of Connecticut
199 Ross Hoffman 1B Expos UCLA
200 Milton Jordan 3B Pilots Lanier HS (Macon,GA)
201 Dale Davis P Padres Kearny HS (San Diego,CA)
202 Monty Montgomery P Royals Pfeiffer College


203 Hank Webb P Mets Copaigue HS (NY)
204 Patrick Tatum P Athletics Roger Ludlow HS (Fairfield,CT)
205 Carlos Alfonso IF Astros Naples HS (Naples,FL)
206 Alonzo Ramirez P Yankees El Campo HS (TX)
207 Richard Anderson P Dodgers Trumbull HS (CT)
208 Ken Conlin 2B Indians East Valley HS (Yakima,WA)
209 Mike Beard P Braves Little Rock,AR
210 Larry Bittner P-1B Senators Buena Vista College
211 Ray Borowicz SS Pirates Huntington HS (NY)
212 Lloyd Lightfoot SS Orioles North Carolina A&T State University
213 Wilbur Cole OF Phillies Southside HS (Florence,SC)
214 Harvey Shank P Angels Stanford University
215 Edward Street P Reds Horace Scott HS (Modena,PA)
216 Lawrence Jackson OF-1B White Sox Wenonah HS (Birmingham,AL)
217 Don Henrichs P Cubs Enumclaw HS (Enumclaw,WA)
218 Gary Bradshaw P Twins Lake Worth HS (FL)
219 Keith Haney C Giants California State Teachers College
220 Marvin Lane OF Tigers Pershing HS (Detroit,MI)
221 Donald Picard P Cardinals Lyndonville College
222 Michael O'Banion C Red Sox Dos Palos HS (Dos Palos,CA)
223 Carlton Exum P Expos Maynard Evans HS (Orlando,FL)
224 Larry Pickett P Pilots Chaffey HS (Ontario,CA)
225 William Hancock C Padres Furman University
226 Robert Lawson P Royals Cox HS (Virginia Beach,VA)


227 Don Rose P Mets Stanford University
228 Robert Koeppel P-OF-1B Athletics Limestone HS (Bartonville,IL)
229 Kenneth Barnes P Astros Skyline HS (Idaho Falls,ID)
230 Steven Hanzlik P Yankees David Douglas HS (Portland,OR)
231 Robert Baxter C Dodgers Lower Dauphin HS (Hummelstown,PA)
232 Vince Colbert 2B Indians East Carolina University
233 John Fuller 1B Braves Lynwood HS (CA)
234 Chris Speier SS Senators Alameda HS (CA)
235 Milt May SS Pirates St. Petersburg HS (FL)
236 Al Bumbry OF Orioles Virginia State University
237 William Geitz P Phillies West Depthford HS (NJ)
238 Jose Quinones OF Angels Staten Island College
239 Henry Kopps OF Reds Brazosport HS (Lake Jackson,TX)
240 James Kiely SS White Sox Reading HS (Reading,MA)
241 Nicholas Eichelberger SS Cubs Trinity Prep HS (Allentown,PA)
242 Ron Oglesby P Twins Ramona HS (Riverside,CA)
243 Tommie Nichols SS Giants University of Mississippi
244 Mark Grove OF Tigers Anchor Bay HS (New Baltimore,MD)
245 William Caudell C Cardinals Manchester HS (Richmond,VA)
246 Ben Oglivie IF-OF Red Sox Roosevelt HS (Bronx,NY)
247 Dave Hartman P Expos Iowa State University
248 Frankie Kimball C Pilots Trinity University (TX)
249 Matthew Rosiek P Padres Indian River Community College
250 Robert Nelson P Royals Roosevelt HS (Seattle,WA)


251 James Ziegler OF Mets Colorado State University
252 Gene Stohs P Athletics Grand Island HS (NE)
253 Henry Yeargan SS Astros Wayne County HS (Jesup,GA)
254 Duane Kuiper SS Yankees Racine Coast HS (Sturtevant,WI)
255 Charles Land OF Dodgers Midwest City HS (OK)
256 Charles Machemehl P Indians Texas Christian University
257 Johnny Brown 3B Braves North Jefferson HS (Warrior,AL)
258 Richard Oliver OF-3B Senators Patapasco HS (Baltimore,MD)
259 Thomas Fratto OF Pirates Cambridge Rindge & Latin HS (Cambridge,MA)
260 Arnold Tielke P Orioles West Columbia HS (TX)
261 Roger Noble P Phillies Troutwood HS (OH)
262 Brian Nelson P Angels Cal State Los Angeles University
263 Thomas Dittmat OF-1B Reds Belleville HS (Belleville,TX)
264 James Redmon SS White Sox Western Michigan University
265 Scott Taylor P Cubs Mansfield College
266 Mike Morrison P-OF Twins La Vista HS (Brea,CA)
266 Terry Rutledge 3B-OF Tigers McLain HS (Tulsa,OK)
267 Harold Wall P Cardinals Skaneateles HS (NY)
267 Jose Basterrechea P Giants Flushing HS (NY)
268 Robert Overmiller 3B-1B Red Sox Red Lion HS (Sexton,PA)
269 John Palmer P Expos University of Minnesota
270 Mike Baldwin P Pilots Sacramento City College
271 David Moates OF Padres Manatee Community College
272 Cornelius Drew OF Royals Dendron HS (Dendron,VA)


273 Stuart Pugh P-OF Mets Mascoutah HS (IL)
274 Phillip Murnahan P Athletics Ironton HS (OH)
275 Lester Roos SS Astros Temple University
276 Rickie Clements P Yankees Sadler HS (Whitesboro,TX)
277 Tommy Pratt P Dodgers Righetti HS (Santa Maria,CA)
278 Cecil Bankhorn SS Indians David Lipscomb College
279 Sylvan Rothschild SS Braves Coronado HS (El Paso,TX)
280 Robert Eldridge P Senators Robert Morris College
281 David Entrekin C Pirates Coatesville Area HS (Coatesville,PA)
282 Bill Fahey C Orioles Redford Union HS (Redford,MI)
282 John Lee P Phillies Great Falls,MT
283 Rick Auerbach SS Angels Taft HS (Woodland Hills,CA)
284 Vincent Coleman 1B-3B Reds St. Joseph HS (Jackson,MS)
285 Garrett Berry C White Sox Sunny Hills HS (Fullerton,CA)
286 Richard Barnes P Cubs Lane Tech HS (Chicago,IL)
287 Frank Cordaro P Twins Teaneck HS (NJ)
288 Gary Schafer SS Giants Mount Robidoux HS (Riverside,CA)
289 Howard Johnson SS Tigers Milton College
290 Michael Larkin P Cardinals Plantation HS (FL)
291 Frank Mannerino OF Red Sox Oak Lawn Community HS (Oak Lawn,IL)
292 Larry Woltz 3B-OF Expos DeKalb Junior College
293 Ronnie Slingerman 3B Pilots James Madison HS (Vienna,VA)
294 Robert Thompson IF Padres Clairemont HS (San Diego,CA)
295 James Hannah C Royals Washington State University


296 John Milner OF Mets South Fulton HS (East Point,GA)
297 Charles Walker OF Athletics Lakeside HS (Atlanta,GA)
298 Wendall Clowers P Astros City HS (Chattanooga,TN)
299 Robert McDaniel OF Yankees University of Missouri
300 Frederick Willard 3B-1B Dodgers San Francisco,CA
301 Dana Baltzer SS Indians Hoover HS (San Diego,CA)
302 David Thornton OF Braves Grant HS (Sacramento,CA)
303 Sherwood Hahn OF Senators Virginia Tech University
304 Bruce Kison P Pirates Pasco HS (WA)
305 Donald Henderson P Orioles Tucker HS (GA)
306 Jerry Coker SS Phillies Manning HS (SC)
307 Damion Howell SS Angels Edison HS (Fresno,CA)
308 Robert Flint P Reds Provine HS (Jackson,MS)
309 Rich Moloney P White Sox Brookline HS (Brookline,MA)
310 Kim West P Cubs St. Albans HS (St. Albans,WV)
311 Paul Commando C Twins Columbus HS (Bronx,NY)
312 Todd Martin SS Giants Del Mar HS (San Jose,CA)
313 Robert Cole 1B Tigers West Portsmouth HS (West Portsmouth,OH)
314 Donald Kirkland SS Cardinals Southern Illinois University
315 Terry Williams P Red Sox Davenport West HS (Davenport,IA)
316 Joseph Marecki SS Expos Miami-Dade Community College
317 Thomas Crichton 2B Royals Santa Cruz HS (Santa Cruz,CA)
318 James Laughridge P Pilots Rock Hill HS (SC)
319 Jim Crawford P Padres Tucson HS (AZ)


320 Kenneth Dempsey OF Mets Ensley HS (Birmingham,AL)
321 Paul Mastin P Athletics Florida State University
322 Clinton Burr P Astros Cocoa HS (Rockledge,FL)
323 Pat Sonneman IF-OF Yankees Mount Tacoma HS (Tacoma,WA)
324 Jeff Port 3B Dodgers Birmingham HS (Encino,CA)
325 Mike Carruthers 1B Indians Pembroke State University
326 Grady Little C Braves Garinger HS (Charlotte,NC)
327 Jeffrey Janek P Senators Harold Richards HS (Oak Lawn,IL)
328 Rudolph Brooks 1B Pirates Berekeley HS (CA)
329 Robert Roth P Orioles Bowen HS (Chicago,IL)
330 Robert Cunningham P Phillies Middle Tennessee State University
331 Robert Hubbard P Angels Spenceport HS (Spenceport,NY)
332 Doug Dreier P Reds Red Bluff HS (Red Bluff,CA)
333 Richard Propson P White Sox Stockbridge HS (Stockbridge,WI)
334 Wayne Anderson 1B Cubs Lakes HS (Tacoma,WA)
335 Frank Tokash P Twins Westfield HS (NJ)
336 William Fitzgerald C Giants Tulane University
337 Rex Campbell C Tigers Beaver Local HS (East Liverpool,OH)
338 Paul Arendt 3B-SS Cardinals Thomas Jefferson HS (Denver,CO)
339 Thomas King P Red Sox Acton-Boxboro HS (West Acton,MA)
340 Richard Trembecki OF Expos University of Denver
341 Phillip Basler 1B Pilots Truman HS (independence,MO)
342 Ronnie McGarity C-P Padres North Cobb HS (Kenesaw,GA)
343 Michael Ginn C Royals Bakersfield HS (Bakersfield,CA)


344 John Gurganus P Mets Westwood HS (Palestine,TX)
345 Steve Wilmet P Athletics St. Norbert HS (West DePere,WI)
346 Curtis Boans OF Astros Dunedin HS (Dunedin,FL)
347 Ronnie Saunders 1B-C Yankees Burt HS (Clarksville,TN)
348 Arthur Brown P Dodgers New York University
349 Steve Stone P Indians Kent State University
350 Richard Perry P Braves William Chrisman HS (Independence,MO)
351 Darrel Hetzler 1B Senators Xenia Central HS (Xenia,OH)
352 Richard Hurt P Pirates Lihon HS (Nashville,TN)
353 Johnny Spriggs 1B Orioles Luling HS (TX)
354 Harry Rogers OF Phillies Curwensville HS (PA)
355 James Malloney P Angels Sacred Heart Academy HS (Cumberland,RI)
356 Robert Welsh SS Reds Cathedral HS (Trenton,NJ)
357 Stan Perzanowski P White Sox Morton HS (Hammond,IN)
358 Oscar Gamble OF Cubs Montgomery,AL
359 Thomas Fast P Twins Brighton HS (CO)
360 Kenneth Cornell 3B-OF Giants Roosevelt HS (Wyandotte,MI)
361 Spencer Horn SS Tigers Fort Cobb HS (Fort Cobb,OK)
362 Mike Douglas 1B Cardinals Dominguez HS (Paramount,CA)
363 William Brown IF Red Sox Fresno State University
364 Richard Turner P Expos Eau Gallie HS (FL)
365 Roger Sizoo C Pilots Citrus Junior College
366 Nacho Bracamontes P Padres Sweetwater HS (Chula Vista,CA)
367 Dane Iorg SS Royals Arcata HS (Arcata,CA)


368 Leonard Carroll C Mets Bergen Catholic HS (Oradell,NJ)
369 Stephen Cooley OF-1B Athletics University of North Dakota
370 David Snow 3B Astros Bellflower HS (Bellflower,CA)
371 Lee Choate 1B Yankees Chattanooga Central HS (Chattanooga,TN)
372 Bob Gallagher OF Dodgers Stanford University
373 Robert Shaps OF Indians Shaker Heights HS (Shaker Heights,OH)
374 Calvin Kelley SS-2B Braves Richmond Union HS (Richmond,CA)
375 Roy Adams OF-C Senators Roth HS (Dayton,OH)
376 Charles Hines 3B Pirates Florida State University
377 Walter Hamm OF Orioles University of South Dakota
378 Richard Lang OF Phillies Santa Clara HS (Oxnard,CA)
379 William Jenkins 2B Angels Orange Coast College
380 Don Sweetland C Reds William S. Hart HS (Saugus,CA)
381 Thomas Heinrich OF White Sox Hayward HS (Hayward,WI)
382 Robert Johnston P Cubs Fike HS (Wilson,NC)
383 Gary Majdoch P Twins University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
384 Michael Ward 2B Giants Marion,SC
385 Robert LaFrance C Tigers Natick HS (Natick,MA)
386 George Greer OF Cardinals University of Connecticut
387 Michael Collins P Red Sox West Covina HS (West Covina,CA)
388 William Seagraves P-1B Expos Edgewater HS (Orlando,FL)
389 Mike Staffieri SS Pilots Sunny Hills HS (Fullerton,CA)
390 Theodore Tomasovich OF Padres Georgia Tech University
391 Verbon Walker P Royals Colorado School of Mines


392 Harley House P Mets Piedmont Hills HS (San Jose,CA)
393 Michael Peden C Athletics Auburn University
394 Ken Forsch P Astros Oregon State University
395 Patrick Cluney 1B Yankees Trinity University (TX)
396 Fred Nelson 2B Dodgers Arizona State University
397 John Lowenstein SS Indians University of California-Riverside
398 Charles Townson SS-2B Braves Waxahachie HS (TX)
399 Robert Shutts P Senators Northwestern University
400 Paul Mitchell P Pirates Worcester Academy HS (Worcester,MA)
401 George Manz P Orioles University of Maryland
402 Robert Keister P Phillies Sayerville HS (NJ)
403 Frank Russo P Angels Everett HS (Everett,MA)
404 Jeffrey Brelsford C Reds Mainland HS (Daytona Beach,FL)
405 William Hansen 1B White Sox Long Island University
406 Tim Gurp OF Cubs Phoenix Junior College
407 Jerry Terrell 2B Twins Mankato State University (MN)
408 James LaRusso 3B Giants Monmouth College
409 Bob Stampe P Tigers Janesville HS (Janesville,WI)
410 Darrell Downey SS-C Cardinals Ventura HS (CA)
411 Lonnie Keeter IF Red Sox David Douglas HS (Portland,OR)
412 Michael Fulford 3B Expos Miami Dade South Community College
413 James Silvey 2B Pilots Ritenour HS (St. Louis,MO)
414 Ronald Drake C Padres University of Southern California
415 Mark Fuller P Royals Chatham HS (Chatham,LA)


416 John Penn 1B Mets Ferrum College
417 William Ingram P Athletics Idaho State University
418 Rodney Clabo OF Astros Temple University
419 Jeff Carpenter SS Yankees Owensboro Catholic HS (Owensboro,KY)
420 Jeff Stout SS Dodgers La Puente HS (CA)
421 Jimmy Hobgood P Indians Pensacola HS (Pensacola,FL)
422 Robin Ostebo P Braves Johnson HS (St. Paul,MN)
423 Ralph Davidson P Senators King HS (Tampa,FL)
424 Mike Groves OF Pirates Seminole HS (Largo,FL)
425 Larry Tipton SS-2B Orioles Robstown HS (TX)
426 Daniel Brigham SS Phillies Berlin HS (NH)
427 Gerald Carr P Angels Bolsa Grande HS (Garden Grove,CA)
428 Theodore Bryand 2B Reds South French HS (Asheville,NC)
429 Bobby Lail P White Sox Crest HS (Shelby,NC)
430 Phil Brown P Cubs Manteca HS (Manteca,CA)
431 Samuel Faria OF Twins Hingham HS (MA)
432 Robert Horton C Giants Dean Attendance Center HS (Leland,MS)
433 Matthew Rockwood OF Tigers Grand Rapids Community College
434 Ben Farley 1B-P Cardinals Cleveland HS (St. Louis,MO)
435 Curtis Jordan OF Red Sox Middle Georgia College
436 Wilbur Howard OF Pilots Holbrook HS (Lowell,NC)
437 Earl Altschuler 3B Padres Crawford HS (San Diego,CA)
438 Vincent Shawver P Royals Shawnee Mission North HS (Shawnee,KS)


439 Scott Goodwin P Mets Reseda HS (CA)
440 Augusta Massingill SS Athletics Englewood HS (Jacksonville,FL)
441 James Baasse SS Astros Hammond-Morton HS (Hammond,IN)
442 Michael Siani SS Yankees New Dorp HS (Staten Island,NY)
443 Ted Gilje P Dodgers College Park HS (Pleasant Hill,CA)
444 George Gibson SS Indians Tate HS (Cantemont,FL)
445 Danny Heck SS Braves Leuzinger HS (Hawthorne,CA)
446 Jeffrey Vollweiler P Senators American University
447 Steve McFarland IF Pirates Sammamish HS (Bellevue,WA)
448 Leonard Finch 3B Orioles Napa HS (CA)
449 Robert Maltsberger C Phillies Shoreline HS (Seattle,WA)
450 Constantine Cirasuolo OF Angels Whitesboro HS (Whitesboro,NY)
451 James Kleckley P Reds Brookland-Cayce HS (Lexington,SC)
452 Kenny Brooks P White Sox Wilkes Central HS (Wilkesboro,NC)
453 Robert Micheletti C Cubs University of Minnesota
454 Michael Pivec OF Twins Calvert Hall HS (Baltimore,MD)
455 Pat Bekeza OF-IF Giants University of Southern Colorado
456 Barry Perteler P Tigers Swartz Creek HS (Gaines,MI)
457 Guy Gaumont OF Cardinals Loyola HS (Los Angeles,CA)
458 Donald Grate SS Red Sox Harvard University
459 Henry Talbot OF Pilots Boise,ID
460 Joseph Pupo P Royals Gonzaga HS (Spokane,WA)


461 John Severs OF Mets West Mecklenburg HS (Charlotte,NC)
462 Alan Hefferon P Athletics Brown University
463 Edward Ontiveros P Astros Bakersfield HS (Bakersfield,CA)
464 Vernon Gilmore OF Yankees Willamette University
465 James Rich OF Dodgers Centennial HS (Compton,CA)
466 Donald Hayward P Indians Pontiac Northern HS (Pontiac,MI)
467 Mose Adolph OF Braves Manual Arts HS (Los Angeles,CA)
467 Berry McQueen P Senators Gerrett HS (Charleston,SC)
468 Joseph Urbanovitch C Pirates Villanova University
469 Rich Coggins OF Orioles Garey HS (Pomona,CA)
470 Patrick Locanto 2B Phillies Western Michigan University
471 Gary Addio 1B-OF Angels Pius X HS (Downey,CA)
472 Benjamin Williams C-OF Reds Grambling State University
473 Rod Pommes OF-3B White Sox Santa Clara University
474 Paul Zahn P Cubs Parsons College
475 Russ Rolandson SS-2B Twins University of Minnesota
476 Douglas Balne P Giants New Canaan HS (CT)
477 Anthony Amendola P Tigers Aviation Tech HS (New York,NY)
478 David Hansen P Cardinals Ygnova Valley HS (Concord,CA)
479 Frank Addonizo C Red Sox St. John's University
480 Gary Upton C Pilots Bradley University
481 Ronnie Botica P Royals Shreveport,LA


482 Steve Turigliatto C Mets Long Beach City College
483 Mark Arnold P Athletics William Chrisman HS (Independence, MO)
484 Don Hager C Astros Sherman HS (Seth,WV)
485 Terry Pollreicz OF Yankees University of Portland
486 Brooks Anderson OF-1B Dodgers Cardinal McCloskey HS (Albany,NY)
487 Robert Shearer SS Indians Indian River Community College
488 Richard Sandate P Braves West Oso HS (Corpus Christi,TX)
489 Alan Lobb P Senators Bangor HS (PA)
490 Thomas Whalan 2B-SS Pirates Lowell HS (MA)
491 Robert Bosley P Orioles Essex Community College (MD)
492 Robert Coultas OF Phillies Alhambra HS (Martinez,CA)
493 Gene Tate SS Angels Turlock HS (Turlock,CA)
494 Gregory Siereveld IF Reds Taft HS (Hamilton.OH)
495 Robert Kleinholz 1B-P White Sox Loara HS (Anaheim,CA)
496 Richard Nye OF Cubs Ribualt HS (Jacksonville,FL)
497 James Hansen C Twins University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
498 Cary Livingston OF Giants West Jefferson HS (Gretna,LA)
499 Michael Crim P Tigers Hickman HS (Columbia,MO)
500 Ernest Vierra C-OF Cardinals Sacramento City College
501 Bill Lee P Red Sox University of Southern California
502 Wayne Sullivan P Pilots Belmont Abbey College
503 Mike Proffit P Royals Ensley HS (Birmingham,AL)


504 Wayne Young C Mets Sleepy Hollow HS (Tarrytown,NY)
505 Mason Elvrom C-OF Athletics Clover Park HS (Tacoma,WA)
506 John Euller P Astros Milford Mill HS (Baltimore,MD)
507 Ken Lange P Yankees Glassboro State College
508 Danny Copeland OF-C Dodgers West Newton HS (PA)
509 Gary Lear C Indians Columbia,MO
510 Ron Taylor P Braves Bonneville College (UT)
511 Jerry Tagge IF-C Senators Green Bay West HS (Green Bay,WI)
512 Dennis Franklin P Pirates Gonzalez-Tate HS (Cantonment,FL)
513 Larry Schutzius OF Orioles Aurora Hinckley HS (Aurora,CO)
514 Ronald Carnutt OF Phillies Camden HS (San Jose,CA)
515 Richard Mahlmann P Angels Hanford HS (Hanford,CA)
516 Keith West OF Reds Gustine HS (Gustine,CA)
517 John Fiene C White Sox Westside HS (Omaha,NE)
518 James Mottine P Cubs Red Bank HS (Red Bank,NJ)
519 Mark Hartig P Twins Mullen HS (Denver,CO)
520 Pat Cech P Giants Maryvale HS (Phoenix,AZ)
521 Donald Leshnock P Tigers Youngstown State University
522 Craig Swan P Cardinals Milliken HS (Long Beach,CA)
523 John Moss IF Red Sox University of Alabama
524 Dario Pini SS-3B Pilots Sequoia HS (Redwood City,CA)
525 Andrew Chandler P Royals Prince Edward Academy HS (Farmville,VA)


526 Daniel Misko P Mets Tuscaloosa HS (AL)
527 Robert Gibble P Athletics Bloomsburg University
528 Darrell Jones P Astros Comanche HS (Comanche,OK)
529 Jim Hefflinger P Yankees Cleveland HS (Portland,OR)
530 Milton Guggia 2B Dodgers Santa Maria HS (CA)
531 Douglas Bozeman 2B Indians Fremont HS (Los Angeles,CA)
532 William McEntire P Braves Alpine HS (TX)
533 Jimmy Cox SS Senators Bloomington HS (IL)
534 Randy Beringer SS Pirates Tigard HS (OR)
535 Ken Wamble SS Orioles South Houston HS (South Houston,TX)
536 Charles Janes P Phillies Kingston HS (NY)
537 Van Winters P Angels McLane HS (Fresno,CA)
538 Jonathan Tate P Reds Tompkins HS (Savannah,GA)
539 Larry Bashford 3B White Sox Anaheim HS (Anaheim,CA)
540 Merle Taylor P Cubs West Virginia University
541 Buryl Hemerick P Twins Costa Mesa HS (Huntington Beach,CA)
542 John Petrock SS Giants Somerville HS (NJ)
543 Bill Puryear P Tigers Highland Park HS (Highland Park,MI)
544 Gary Howard C Cardinals Yuba City HS (CA)
545 Doug Miller C-OF Red Sox Klamath Union HS (Klamath Falls,OR)
546 Nelson Gibson P Pilots Clemson University
547 Greg With 3B Royals University of New Mexico


548 Paul Patterson P Mets Canton HS (NY)
549 Mark Tschopp P Athletics Jefferson HS (Cedar Rapids,IA)
550 John Canty P Astros University of Massachusetts
551 David Reid P Yankees Sessar HS (IL)
552 Thomas Sowinski P Dodgers St. John's University
553 Mickey McCarty P Indians Texas Christian University
554 John Conover P Braves Santa Ana HS (CA)
555 Pat Kuehner 1B Senators University of Southern California
556 Gary Conboy P Pirates Genesee Community College (NY)
557 Fred Williams P Orioles Sollers Point HS (Baltimore,MD)
558 Larry Robertson P Phillies Lower Dauphin HS (Hummelstown,PA)
559 Stephen Romero P Angels Simi HS (Simi,CA)
560 Mike Willis P Reds Hillsboro HS (Nashville,TN)
561 Dana Ryan 2B White Sox Arkansas State University
562 James Bryan OF Cubs Guilford College
563 Gregory Wendorf P Twins University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
564 Robert McLeod P Giants Georgetown College (KY)
565 Edward Laborio P Tigers Cranston HS (Cranston,RI)
566 Gerald Bryant P Cardinals Amherst County HS (Amherst,VA)
567 Robert Hoepfinger OF Red Sox Timon HS (Buffalo,NY)
568 Larry Angell P Pilots Shoreline HS (Seattle,WA)
569 Paul Splittorff P Royals Morningside College


570 Terry DeWald 2B Mets University of Arizona
571 John Strohmayer P Athletics University of the Pacific
572 Steven Miller P Astros Dowling HS (Des Moines,IA)
573 Richard Monroe C Yankees Colton HS (CA)
574 Robert Baxter C Dodgers Southampton HS (NY)
575 Stephen Fahsbender P Indians North Bakersfield HS (North Bakersfield,CA)
576 Webster Muck 2B Braves Bethel College (MN)
577 Richard Guarnera SS Senators Baltimore University
578 Keith Scruggs P Pirates Allegheny City HS (Iron Gate,VA)
579 Wayne Zaskoda SS Orioles El Campo HS (El Campo,TX)
580 Ronald Collier P Phillies Mansfield College
581 Daniel Loomer SS Angels Golden West College
582 Russell Davis P Reds Capitol Hill HS (Oklahoma City,OK)
583 Stephen Spanich P White Sox Quincy University
584 Herbert Sikes 3B Cubs Leon HS (Tallahassee,Fl)
585 Thomas Lolos C Twins Parsons College
586 Joseph Campanario P-OF Giants St. Elizabeth HS (Oakland,CA)
587 John Bevil P Tigers Baylor University
588 Bob Forsch 3B-P Cardinals Hiram Johnson HS (Sacramento,CA)
589 William Croken C Red Sox Malden HS (Malden,MA)
590 Ronald Kelam OF Pilots Southwest HS (St. Louis,MO)
591 Patrick Smith SS Royals Bellarmine HS (Tacoma,WA)


592 Glenn Stitzel 2B Mets Millersville University
593 James Jachym P Athletics Westfield HS (MA)
594 Harmon Bove C Astros Burlington HS (Burlington,VT)
595 Richard Koslick 3B-SS Yankees Tennessee Tech University
596 Albert Strane SS Dodgers Santa Clara University
597 Frank Hagen OF Indians Napa HS (Napa,CA)
598 Gary Robson P Braves John Burroughs HS (Los Angeles,CA)
599 Gary Sargent P Senators Indiana University
600 Marvin Tucker OF Pirates Central Missouri State University
601 Harold Warden OF Orioles R.L. Turner HS (Carrolton,TX)
602 Larry Tarver C Phillies Arvin HS (CA)
603 Rodney Sooter P Angels Menard HS (Alexandria,VA)
604 Craig White OF Reds Fairfax HS (Fairfax,VA)
605 Mark Jones 1B White Sox Crowder College
606 Jimmy Walters SS Cubs Georgia Southern University
607 John Kiefer SS Twins Princess Anne HS (Virginia Beach,VA)
608 Mike Balogh P Giants O'Hara HS (Buffalo,NY)
609 Donald Murphy C Tigers St. Mary's HS (Sacramento,CA)
610 Mark Lopinot P Cardinals St. Louis Community College at Meramec
611 Roger Ward P Red Sox Chaminade HS (Fort Lauderdale,FL)
612 Mitch Laird P Pilots Woodward HS (OK)
613 Jerry Merchant SS Royals San Bernardino HS (San Bernardino,CA)


614 Daniel Murphy P Mets Technical HS (Springfield,MA)
615 John Renhow OF Athletics North Dakota State University
616 John Fox C-OF Astros Lansdowne HS (Baltimore,MD)
617 Julius Bender 3B Yankees Ellsworth Junior College (IA)
618 Alvin Strane 2B Dodgers Santa Clara University
619 Richard Schwartz P Indians St. John's University
620 Richard Law P Braves Owensboro,KY
621 Harold Graff C Senators Illinois Wesleyan University
622 Anthony Girodano C Pirates Holy Trinity HS (Brooklyn,NY)
623 John Blanchard C Orioles Colorado State University
624 Michael Brown IF Phillies Wilmington HS (DE)
625 John Schroeder P Angels University of California-Santa Barbara
626 John Mindell P Reds Okarchee HS (Okarchee,OK)
627 Bruce Finkbeiner IF-OF White Sox Colorado State University
628 Terry Childers C Cubs Georgia Southern University
629 Thomas Bryan C Twins Seminole HS (Sanford,FL)
630 Michael Koski 2B Giants Las Plumas HS (Oroville,CA)
631 John Zbercot C Tigers South Lake HS (St. Clair Shores,MI)
632 James Martin C Cardinals Jones Valley HS (Birmingham,AL)
633 Felix Skalski 3B Red Sox Kalamazoo Valley Community College
634 Perry Allen P Pilots Sulphur HS (OK)
635 Bruce Pomeroy C Royals James Madison HS (Vienna,VA)


636 Charles Covey 3B Mets Pasadena City College
637 Ernie Henrickson P-OF Athletics Snohomish HS (WA)
638 David Doyle SS Astros Lynwood HS (Lynwood,CA)
639 Charles Keigley 3B Yankees St. Joseph HS (Greenville,MS)
640 Bob Wissler OF-2B Dodgers Cal Poly Pomona University
641 Doug Bird P Indians Pomona HS (Pomona,CA)
642 Frank Saenz P Braves Los Angeles HS (CA)
643 Elmer Yelvington P Senators Lee Woodward HS (Black Creek,NC)
644 Stanley Grout P Pirates Perry Senior HS (Perry,IA)
645 James Kechura IF-OF Orioles James Monroe HS (Bronx,NY)
646 John Malone 3B Phillies Maine-Endwell HS (Endwell,NY)
647 Lionel Schoebridge 1B-C Angels Lyndhurst HS (Lyndhurst,NJ)
648 James Kelley 2B Reds Arlington HS (Arlington,TX)
649 Dale Reed P White Sox Crowder College
650 Paul Starman P Cubs University of Iowa
651 Phil Edwards 2B Twins East Mecklenburg HS (Charlotte,NC)
652 Kent Corley 2B Giants Sandy Springs HS (Atlanta,GA)
653 Lary Lohse P Tigers Seaman HS (Seaman,OH)
654 John Davsko P Cardinals Saint Louis University
655 Thomas Walsh P Red Sox Tilton-Northfield HS (Tilton,NH)
656 Steve Downs 3B Pilots Taft HS (Chicago,IL)
657 Richard Long P Royals Kansas State University


658 Frank Szoke SS Mets Whitehall HS (Cementon,PA)
659 Jerry Devins P-OF Athletics Owensboro Catholic HS (Owensboro,KY)
660 Clifford Powers IF Astros South Broward HS (Dania,FL)
661 John Pogonelski P Yankees Hamden HS (CT)
662 Walter Hallberg 3B-SS Indians Pascagoula HS (Pascagoula,MS)
663 Harold Burke P-OF Braves Villanova University
664 Albert Richards SS Senators University of Maryland
665 Larry Barefoot P Pirates Hallsboro HS (Whiteville,NC)
666 Roger Mayer C-1B Orioles Englewood HS (Englewood,Co)
667 Charles Pesce C Phillies University of Delaware
668 Bobby Wheeler 1B Angels Sunny Hills HS (Fullerton,CA)
669 Kenneth Burke P Reds William Bryant HS (Moultrie,GA)
670 Charles Auchmutey P White Sox Avondale HS (Avondale Estates,GA)
671 Bill Dorothy 2B Cubs Bacone Junior College
672 Daniel Patrovich P Twins Valdosta State University
673 Ralph Dick OF Giants Mesa Community College
674 Terry Greene IF Tigers Republic HS (Republic,MO)
675 Nicholas Stipanovich P Cardinals Boston University
676 Blaine Young P Red Sox Bishop Stang HS (Fairhaven,MA)
677 Barry Herron C Pilots Kansas State University
678 Thomas Cason OF Royals South Georgia Junior College


679 Gary Morgan 1B Mets Austin HS (Austin,MN)
680 Douglas Smith SS-2B Athletics Buena Vista College
681 Steven Griffith P Astros Pacifica HS (Garden Grove,CA)
682 Timothy O'Connell OF-1B Yankees Xavier University
682 Richard Breese P Dodgers Port Chester HS (NY)
683 Robert Eriksen P Indians Bullard HS (Fresno,CA)
684 Rudy Arroyo P Braves Mountainview HS (CA)
685 Kenneth McGregor SS Senators Gulf Coast Community College
686 Scott Roswald OF Pirates San Juan HS (Citrus Heights,CA)
687 Bill Bonham P Orioles Los Angeles Valley Junior College
688 Jerry Feldman 1B Angels Cal State Los Angeles University
689 Gregory Faux P Reds Provo HS (Provo,UT)
690 Nathander Pettaway 1B White Sox St. Elmore HS (Theodore,AL)
691 Ken Wastradowski P Cubs Centralia HS (Centralia,WA)
692 Lee Ware OF Twins Glassboro State College
693 Hugh Woolridge OF Giants John Harris HS (Harrisburg,PA)
694 Richard Foulk P Tigers South Torrance HS (South Torrance,CA)
695 Glenn Essman C Cardinals Riverview HS (St. Louis,MO)
696 Michael Neal P Red Sox Shasta College
697 Wayne Vincent P Pilots Florida State University
698 Gary Rainbow P Royals North Syracuse HS (North Syracuse,NY)


699 Greg Archer P-1B Mets Corcoran HS (CA)
700 Phil Corddry P Astros University of Maryland
701 Daniel Schirrips P Yankees Lafayette HS (Brooklyn,NY)
702 Dennis Major 1B Dodgers Laney College
703 Jerry Stitt OF Indians University of Arizona
704 Kenneth Hess P Braves Dixie HS (New Lebanon,OH)
705 Robert Hessler P Pirates Hampton HS (VA)
706 Ricky Gray SS Orioles Mumford HS (Detroit,MI)
707 Craig Hansen 1B Angels University of Denver
708 Larry Feltner P Reds High Point HS (College Park,MD)
709 Mike Hetman C Cubs Hudson Valley Community College
710 Nicholas Nicosia OF Twins University of Florida
711 Steve Holdren OF Giants Mount Home HS (ID)
712 Wayne Hamilton IF Tigers Airport HS (New Boston,MI)
713 Albert Johnson OF Cardinals Los Angeles HS (CA)
714 Michael Harvison IF Red Sox Polytechnical HS (Fort Worth,TX)
715 Larry Nero P Pilots Los Angeles,CA
716 Thomas Moore P Royals Rider College


717 Frederick Donaldson SS Mets Loudon County HS (Leesburg,VA)
718 Alan Peters P Astros Verbum Dei HS (Los Angeles,CA)
719 Jeff Geach SS Yankees Del Campo HS (Carmichael,CA)
720 Michael St. John P Dodgers West Valley College
721 Dave Augustine C Indians Miami Dade South Community College
722 Dale Burch P Braves DeLaSalle HS (New Orleans,LA)
723 Stephen Bentley P Pirates Stoneham HS (MA)
724 Bill Stein 2B Orioles Brevard College
725 Ronald St. Clair P Angels Bakersfield Junior College
726 Ronald Fisher P Reds Olympus HS (SaltLAke City,UT)
727 David Skog P Twins St. Louis Park HS (Minneapolis,MN)
728 George Bochow 1B-OF Giants New York University
729 Stephen Cushmore P Tigers Princeton University
730 Tim Plodinec P Cardinals University of Arizona
731 Richard Perry C-1B Red Sox St. Johnsville HS (St. Johnsville,NY)
732 Roland Panepinto SS-2B Royals Fort Union Military HS (Fort Union,VA)


733 Edward Young 3B Mets Johnson HS (Savannah,GA)
734 Ronald Garlin OF Astros McArthur HS (Hollywood,FL)
735 Eddie Pyatt P Yankees Glendale HS (Springfield,MO)
736 Alan Blair SS-OF Dodgers Leeds HS (Odenville,AL)
737 Michael Selland 3B-SS Indians DeAnza HS (El Sobrante,CA)
738 David Kaster P Braves South HS (Omaha,NE)
739 Paul Marcek P Pirates Rummell HS (Omaha,NE)
740 John Stephens OF-P Orioles Gulf Coast Community College
741 Glenn Spicer P Angels Grant HS (North Hollywood,CA)
742 Gerald Daugherty C Reds Cy-Fair HS (Houston,TX)
743 Kenneth Meek SS Twins Montclair State University
744 Rob Ellis IF-OF Giants Ottawa Hills HS (Grand Rapids,MI)
745 Keith Kasparovitch P Tigers Punahou HS (Honolulu,HI)
746 Steven Frohman OF Cardinals Long Island University
747 George Reebe OF Red Sox Natick HS (Natick,MA)
748 James Walker P Royals San Bernardino HS (San Bernardino,CA)


749 Harold Wilkerson C Mets Fike HS (Wilson,NC)
750 Gary Klass SS Astros Reitz Memorial HS (Evansville,IN)
751 Daniel Velander P Yankees Franklin HS (Portland,OR)
752 William Estey SS Dodgers University of New Hampshire
753 Robert Love P Indians Baldwin-Wallace College
754 Rowland Houston OF-IF Braves Poly HS (Long Beach,CA)
755 Roger Wright C Pirates Northeast Lauderdale HS (Meridian,MS)
756 Norman Seidel P Orioles Kenwood HS (Baltimore,MD)
757 Thomas Utman SS Angels Menlo College
758 Michael O'Connor P Reds Anderson HS (Cincinnati,OH)
759 Allen Weendone P Giants Hicks Memorial HS (Selma,AL)
760 John Cabral P Tigers Kaimuki HS (Honolulu,HI)
761 Daniel Ford P-OF Cardinals Quinnipiac College
762 Jeff Guenther P Red Sox Katella HS (Anaheim,CA)
763 James Steele 1B-OF Royals Downey HS (Downey,CA)


764 Michael Bettega P Mets Menlo College
765 James Fallers P-OF Astros Mount Pleasant HS (Wilmington,DE)
766 John Mills P Yankees Wanatchee HS (WA)
767 Roger Wallace P-OF Dodgers Englewood HS (Jacksonville,FL)
768 Tim Mackin P Indians Hudson Bay HS (Vancouver,WA)
769 Glen Gilmore P Braves Burke HS (Omaha,NE)
770 Thomas Rambeau P Pirates York College of Pennsylvania
771 Jerrold Szostak P Orioles Quigley South HS (Chicago,IL)
772 Matthew Moschetti 3B Angels Cal State Fullerton University
773 Michael Carter SS-3B Reds John Tyler HS (Tyler,TX)
774 Tommy Hanegan SS Giants Ocala,FL
775 Dennis Primeau IF Tigers Northville HS (Novi,MI)
776 Chester Jackson OF Cardinals Kirkwood HS (MO)
777 Michael Comuso P Red Sox Lawrence Central HS (Lawrence,MA)
778 James Masters P Royals Jesuit HS (Carmichael,CA)


779 Eugene Zawatski P Mets Boston University
780 Douglas D'Addario OF Yankees Kensington HS (Buffalo,NY)
781 Danny Nichols 3B Dodgers Kansas State University
782 James Gailey OF Indians Lake Wales HS (Lake Wales,FL)
783 Johnny Glover P Braves Appling HS (Macon,GA)
784 Michael Price SS-OF Pirates Technical HS (Oakland,CA)
785 Pennington Hebron SS Orioles Hanover,MD
786 Dennis Gallagher SS Angels East Nicholas HS (East Nicholas,CA)
787 Glen Olsen P Reds Wilson HS (Sinking Springs,PA)
788 Tommy Palmertree P Giants Burbank HS (Sacramento,CA)
789 Mark Pratt P Tigers Monroe HS (Monroe,MI)
790 George Newman SS Cardinals Hartnell HS (CA)
791 Steve Noriega P-OF Royals Jesuit HS (Tampa,FL)


792 Charles Carr OF Mets University of North Carolina
793 Rich Schoener OF-1B Yankees Marinette HS (WI)
794 James Curnow C Dodgers Morristown HS (Morris Plains,NJ)
795 James Bogard C Indians Mohawk HS (Sycamore,OH)
796 Barry Houser P Pirates West Chester University
797 Charles Lacy IF Orioles Odessa College
798 Greg Henard SS-3B Angels Tulare HS (Tulare,CA)
799 Bobby Thompson P Reds Edmond HS (Edmond,OK)
800 Michael Longstreth SS Tigers Harding HS (Oklahoma City,OK)
801 Ed Halicki P Cardinals Kearney HS (NJ)
802 Stephen Metro IF-OF Royals Arvada West HS (Arvada,CO)


803 Joe Kilby OF Mets Lincoln HS (Tacoma,WA)
804 James Huff P-OF Yankees Del Valle HS (Walnut Creek,CA)
805 Thomas Joyce SS Dodgers Solano Community College (CA)
806 Franco Garcia IF-OF Indians Westfield HS (Westfield,MA)
807 James Latouralle SS Orioles East Long Meadow HS (East Long Meadow,MA)
808 Verdell Adams OF Angels Jefferson HS (Portland,OR)
809 Gregg Slape C Reds Sul Ross State University
810 Thomas Breving OF Tigers Xavier University
811 Gerald Aanonsen SS Cardinals Wittenberg HS (WI)
812 John Medlin OF Royals College of William and Mary


813 David Colon P Mets Reicher HS (Waco,TX)
814 Billy Jones P Yankees El Cerrito HS (CA)
815 James Mueller OF Dodgers Arkansas State University
816 Alan White P-SS Indians Buckeye Central HS (New Washington,OH)
817 Robert Bower 1B-3B Orioles Ypsilanti HS (Ypsilanta,MI)
818 Stephen Boron P Reds George Washington HS (Philadelphia,PA)
819 Arthur Grassing P Tigers Bourne HS (Flushing,NY)
820 John Hathaway C Cardinals Lewiston HS (ID)
821 Donald Hacker SS Royals West Chester University


822 James Malone P Mets Union HS (UT)
823 William McDermott 1B Yankees Moorpark HS (CA)
824 Samuel Pasquatonio C Dodgers Franklin HS (MA)
825 William Becker OF Indians Bowling Green State University
826 Joseph Bartlett OF Orioles University of New Hampshire
827 Kent Estep P Reds Grandfield HS (Grandfield,OK)
828 Alfred LiVecchi P Tigers Lane HS (Queens Village,NY)
829 Eric Maitland IF Cardinals Gettysburg HS (PA)
830 Steven Patchin C Royals Joplin HS (Joplin,MO)


831 Gary Hill OF Mets Sacramento City College
832 Michael Miller OF Yankees Kaupau HS (Wichita,KS)
833 Richard Dorsch P Dodgers Valparaiso University
834 Harold Smith SS Indians Elwood City HS (Elwood City,PA)
835 Ronald Bennett P Orioles Wayne County HS (Jessup,GA)
836 Bobby Lemley IF-2B Reds Marshall University
837 Shawn Howitt 1B Tigers Central HS (Battle Creek,MI)
838 Wayne Johnson P Cardinals Brewer HS (Fort Worth,TX)
839 Norman Taylor P Royals Green Central HS (Snow Hill,NC)


840 William Todd P Mets Ritenour HS (St. Louis,MO)
841 Bruce Zimmerman P Yankees Ukiah HS (CA)
842 Peter Brown P Dodgers Hayward HS (CA)
843 Marvin Knight P Indians Michigan State University
844 Eddie Williams P Orioles University of Oklahoma
845 James Mertens 1B Reds Fairmont State College
846 Robert Hileman P Tigers Staunton Military Academy HS (Staunton,VA)
847 Ronnie Diggle SS-2B Cardinals Dominguez HS (Paramount,CA)
848 Kurt Lohrke SS Royals Jesuit HS (Carmichael,CA)


849 Richard Seymour C Mets St. Mary's HS (Ogdensburg,NY)
850 John Rushing P Dodgers Tuscaloosa HS (Northport,AL)
851 Dan Miller P Indians Sandusky HS (Sandusky,OH)
852 Stan Gatto P Orioles Suffolk County (NY) Community College.
853 Patrick Korsnick OF Reds Wheeling Central HS (Wheeling,WV)
854 Joseph Pellechi IF Tigers Fordham University
855 Scott Sulprizio 1B Cardinals Diablo Valley College
856 David Edson SS Royals Terra Linda HS (San Rafael,CA)


857 Kenneth Van Bell P Dodgers Richmond Hill HS (NY)
858 Bruce Cannon 3B Indians Oberlin HS (Oberlin,OH)
859 Lonnie Teasley P Orioles Lincoln HS (Taylor,SC)
860 Joseph Martin P Tigers Shippensburg HS (Shippensburg,PA)
861 Michael Dickens SS Cardinals Central Catholic HS (Melbourne,FL)
862 Walter Tobler OF Royals Wilson HS (Portsmouth,VA)


863 Gary Whittemore P Dodgers University of New Mexico
864 Walter Sharrock P Indians Jupiter HS (Jupiter,FL)
865 William Pierce P Orioles Griffin HS (Griffin,GA)
866 Stephen Brassey IF Cardinals San Leandro HS (CA)
867 Greg Chlan P Royals Rider College


868 Gary Weese P Dodgers Midwest City HS (OK)
869 Gary Harover OF-1B Indians Pendleton HS (Pendleton,OR)
870 Paul McGlain P Orioles Lincoln HS (San Francisco,CA)
871 John Marshall SS Royals University of Arkansas


872 John Fargnoci 1B Dodgers Bryant HS (Astoria,NY)
873 Wayne Milan P Indians Stranahan HS (Fort Lauderdale,FL)
874 Glenn Wallace P Orioles Mississippi State University
875 Terry Schofield C Royals San Diego State University


876 Edward Ott P Dodgers Rutgers University
877 Tom Boland P Orioles South Georgia Junior College
878 Michael McDonald C-1B Royals Vermont Academy HS (Rutland,VT)


50 879 Kenneth Plau P Dodgers El Camino College
50 880 Al Cleveland P Orioles Chipola Junior College
50 881 Allen Flanagan 3B Royals Loudon Valley HS (Leesburg,VA)
51 882 Robert Woodruff OF Dodgers Port Chester HS (NY)
51 883 James Reid P Royals T.C. Williams HS (Alexandria,VA)
52 882 Bob Sheldon SS Dodgers Montebello HS (CA)
52 883 Pete Gigonovich OF Royals Butler University
53 884 Charles Elwis P Dodgers Marshall HS (Los Angeles,CA)
53 885 Larry Largent P Royals Kansas State University
54 886 Beau Robinson 1B Dodgers Central HS (Springfield,MO)
55 887 Tod Rush P Dodgers Montebello HS (CA)
56 888 Anthony Embessi P Dodgers Bristol HS (PA)
57 889 Steven Angelo IF-OF Dodgers Montebello HS (Poco Rivera,CA)
58 890 Douglas Blake OF Dodgers Hackettstown HS (NJ)
59 891 Jeff Paquette C-OF Dodgers Lincoln HS (San Francisco,CA)
60 892 Gary Welch OF-C Dodgers San Rafael HS (CA)
61 893 Merritt Barnes SS Dodgers University of San Francisco
62 894 Chester Teklinski P Dodgers Tarnetum HS (PA)
63 895 Malcolm Driggers OF Dodgers Colonial HS (Orlando,FL)
64 896 Jeffrey Burns C Dodgers Rollins College
65 897 Charles Cochrane SS Dodgers Lincoln HS (San Francisco,CA)
66 898 William Homik C Dodgers University of Southern California
67 899 Charles Calver P Dodgers Cal Poly Pomona University
68 900 Peter Scarpati P Dodgers St. Francis College (NY)
69 901 Stephen Krines 3B Dodgers Villanova University
70 902 John DeBrino P Dodgers Bishop Gibbons HS (Schenectady,NY)
71 903 Carl Amendola C Dodgers Plainedge HS (Massapequa,NY)

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