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 2018 NFL Regular Season Schedule



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Sunday October 21
Tennessee  at L.A. Chargers  (London)  9:30a New England  at Chicago   1:00p

Buffalo  at Indianapolis   1:00p

Houston  at Jacksonville   1:00p

Cincinnati  at Kansas City   1:00p

Detroit  at Miami   1:00p

Minnesota  at NY Jets  1:00p

Carolina  at Philadelphia   1:00p

Cleveland  at Tampa Bay   1:00p

New Orleans  at Baltimore   4:05p

Dallas  at Washington   4:25p

L.A.  Rams at San Francisco *  8:20p
Monday,  October 22
NY Giants at Atlanta   8:15p


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Thursday, , October 25,
Miami  at Houston   8:20p
Sunday  October 28

Philadelphia  at Jacksonville  (London)  9:30a

Baltimore  at Carolina   1:00p

NY Jets at Chicago   1:00p

Tampa Bay  at Cincinnati   1:00p

Seattle  at Detroit   1:00p

Denver  at Kansas City   1:00p

Washington  at NY Giants  1:00p

Cleveland  at Pittsburgh   1:00p

Indianapolis  at Oakland   4:05p

San Francisco  at Arizona   4:25p

Green Bay  at L.A.  Rams  4:25p

New Orleans  at Minnesota *  8:20p
  Monday, October 29
New England  at Buffalo   8:15p

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Thursday, November 1
Oakland  at San Francisco   8:20p
Sunday  . November 4

Pittsburgh  at Baltimore   1:00p

Chicago  at Buffalo   1:00p

Tampa Bay  at Carolina   1:00p

NY Jets at Miami   1:00p

Detroit  at Minnesota   1:00p

Kansas City  at Cleveland   1:00p

Atlanta  at Washington   1:00p

L.A. Chargers   at Seattle   4:05p

Houston  at Denver   4:05p

L.A. Rams  at New Orleans   4:25p
Green Bay  at New England * 8:20p  
Monday, November 05,
Tennessee  at Dallas   8:15p


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Thursday, November 08,
Carolina  at Pittsburgh  8:20p
Sunday November 11

Detroit  at Chicago   1:00p

New Orleans  at Cincinnati   1:00p

Atlanta  at Cleveland   1:00p

Miami  at Green Bay   1:00p

Jacksonville  at Indianapolis   1:00p

Arizona  at Kansas City   1:00p

Buffalo  at NY Jets  1:00p

Washington  at Tampa Bay   1:00p

New England  at Tennessee   1:00p

L.A.Chargers  at Oakland   4:05p

Seattle  at L.A.  Rams  4:25p

Dallas  at Philadelphia * 8:20p 

 Monday, November 12
NY Giants at San Francisco   8:15p

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Thursday, , November 15,
Green Bay  at Seattle   8:20p
Sunday, November 18,

Dallas  at Atlanta   1:00p

Cincinnati  at Baltimore   1:00p

Minnesota  at Chicago   1:00p

Carolina  at Detroit   1:00p

Tennessee  at Indianapolis   1:00p

Philadelphia  at New Orleans   1:00p

Tampa Bay  at NY Giants  1:00p

Houston  at Washington   1:00p

Oakland  at Arizona   4:05p

Denver  at L.A.Chargers    4:05p

Pittsburgh  at Jacksonville * 8:20p

Monday, November 19
Kansas City  at L.A.  Rams (Mexico City) 8:15p


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Thursday, , November 22-Thanksgiving

Chicago  at Detroit  12:30p  12:30p

Washington  at Dallas   4:30p
Atlanta  at New Orleans   8:20p  
Sunday , November 25,

Oakland  at Baltimore   1:00p

Jacksonville  at Buffalo   1:00p

Seattle  at Carolina   1:00p

Cleveland  at Cincinnati   1:00p

Miami  at Indianapolis   1:00p

New England  at NY Jets  1:00p

NY Giants at Philadelphia   1:00p

San Francisco  at Tampa Bay   1:00p

Arizona  at L.A. Chargers   4:05p

Pittsburgh  at Denver   4:25p
Green Bay  at Minnesota *  8:20p  
Monday, November 26
Tennessee  at Houston 8:15p


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Thursday, , November 29,
New Orleans  at Dallas   8:20p
Sunday, December 2

Baltimore  at Atlanta   1:00p

Denver  at Cincinnati   1:00p
L.A. Rams at Detroit   1:00p Arizona  at Green Bay   1:00p

Cleveland  at Houston   1:00p

Indianapolis  at Jacksonville   1:00p

Buffalo  at Miami   1:00p

Chicago  at NY Giants  1:00p

L.A. Chargers  at Pittsburgh   1:00p

Carolina  at Tampa Bay   1:00p

Kansas City  at Oakland   4:05p

NY Jets at Tennessee  4:05p

Minnesota  at New England   4:25p

San Francisco  at Seattle *  8:20p

Monday, December 3
Washington  at Philadelphia   8:15p

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Thursday, , December 6
Jacksonville  at Tennessee   8:20p
Sunday , December 9

NY Jets at Buffalo   1:00p

L.A.  Rams at Chicago   1:00p

Carolina  at Cleveland   1:00p

Atlanta  at Green Bay   1:00p

Indianapolis  at Houston   1:00p

Baltimore  at Kansas City   1:00p

New England  at Miami   1:00p

New Orleans  at Tampa Bay   1:00p

NY Giants at Washington   1:00p

Cincinnati  at L.A. Chargers   4:05p

Denver  at San Francisco   4:05p

Detroit  at Arizona   4:25p

Philadelphia  at Dallas   4:25p

Pittsburgh  at Oakland *  8:20p
Monday, December 10
Minnesota  at Seattle   8:15p

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Saturday, December 15

Flexibility for Saturday games in Weeks 15 and 16 is also part of the 2018 schedule. In Week 15, there will be two games

played on Saturday on NFL Network: Houston at the NY Jets and Cleveland at Denver, with the game times of 4:30 PM ET and 8:20 PM ET to be determined.

L.A. Chargers  at Kansas City  4:30p or 8:20p /

Houston  at NY Jets TBD  4:30p or 8:20p

Cleveland  at Denver  TBD (MT) 4:30p or 8:20p

Sunday, December 16

Arizona   at Atlanta   1:00p

Tampa Bay  at Baltimore   1:00p

Detroit  at Buffalo   1:00p

Green Bay  at Chicago   1:00p

Oakland  at Cincinnati   1:00p

Dallas  at Indianapolis   1:00p

Washington  at Jacksonville   1:00p

Miami  at Minnesota   1:00p

Tennessee  at NY Giants  1:00p

Seattle  at San Francisco   4:05p

New England  at Pittsburgh   4:25p

Philadelphia  at L.A.  Rams*  8:20p
Monday, December 17
New Orleans  at Carolina   8:15p



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 Saturday, December 22

In Week 16, two of four possible matchups will be scheduled for Saturday:

Baltimore at L.A. Chargers , Jacksonville at Miami, the NY Giants at Indianapolis or Washington at Tennessee.

Start times and Saturday games for Week 15 and 16 will be announced no later than following Week 8, with the non-Saturday games to be played on Sunday.

Sunday, December 23

Minnesota  at Detroit   1:00p

Atlanta  at Carolina   1:00p

Buffalo  at New England   1:00p

Cincinnati  at Cleveland   1:00p

Green Bay  at NY Jets  1:00p

Tampa Bay  at Dallas   1:00p

Houston  at Philadelphia   1:00p

Chicago  at San Francisco   4:05p

L.A.  Rams at Arizona   4:05p

Pittsburgh  at New Orleans   4:25p

Kansas City  at Seattle *  8:20p  

Monday, December 24

Denver  at Oakland   8:15p


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Sunday, December 30,

Detroit  at Green Bay   1:00p

Jacksonville  at Houston   1:00p

Dallas  at NY Giants  1:00p

Cincinnati  at Pittsburgh   1:00p

NY Jets at New England   1:00p

Carolina  at New Orleans   1:00p

Oakland  at Kansas City   1:00p

Chicago  at Minnesota   1:00p

Cleveland  at Baltimore   1:00p

Miami  at Buffalo   1:00p

Atlanta  at Tampa Bay   1:00p

Indianapolis  at Tennessee   1:00p

Philadelphia  at Washington   1:00p

L.A. Chargers  at Denver   4:25p

San Francisco  at L.A.  Rams  4:25p

Arizona  at Seattle   4:25p




Saturday and Sunday, January 5-6.

Wild Card Weekend


Saturday and Sunday, January 12-13

 Divisional Playoffs


 Sunday, January 20.

 AFC and NFC Championship Games


Sunday, February 3

 Super Bowl LIII at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium ()

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