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       2018 NFL Pre-Season Schedule

  Exhibition Week    1 2  3   4

All times are US Eastern




Chicago vs. Baltimore (NBC)

WEEK 1 -


Thursday-AUGUST 9

LA Rams at Baltimore 7 PM

Carolina at Buffalo 7 PM

Chicago at Cincinnati 7 PM

Tennessee at Green Bay 7 PM

New Orleans at Jacksonville 7 PM

Tampa Bay at Miami 7 PM

Cleveland at NY Giants 7 PM--NFL Network

Washington at New England  7:30 PM

Pittsburgh at Philadelphia  7:30 PM

Houston at Kansas City  8:30 PM

Dallas at San Francisco 10 PM--NFL Network

Indianapolis at Seattle 10 PM



Friday-AUGUST 10

Atlanta at NY Jets 7:30 PM--NFL Network

Detroit at Oakland  10:30 PM--NFL Network



Saturday-AUGUST 11

Minnesota at Denver 9 PM-NFL Network

LA Chargers at Arizona- 10 PM



 Thursday-AUGUST 16

Philadelphia at New England 7:30 PM

Pittsburgh at Green Bay-8 PM

NY Jets at Washington-8 PM- ESPN


Friday-AUGUST 17

Kansas City at Atlanta- 7 PM

NY Giants at Detroit- 7 PM

Miami at Carolina 7:30 PM

Buffalo at Cleveland 7:30 PM-NFL Network

Arizona at New Orleans-8 PM-



Saturday-AUGUST 18

Jacksonville at Minnesota- 1 PM-NFL Network

Oakland at LA Rams- 4 PM-NFL Network

Cincinnati at Dallas- 7 PM-NFL Network

Tampa Bay at Tennessee- 8 PM

San Francisco at Houston- 8 PM

Chicago at Denver- 9 PM

Seattle at LA Chargers- 10 PM--NFL Network




Monday AUGUST 20

Baltimore at Indianapolis - 8 PM-ESPN





WEEK 3  

Thursday- AUGUST 23

Philadelphia at Cleveland -8 PM-FOX


Friday-AUGUST 24

NY Giants at NY Jets 7:30 PM

New England at Carolina 7:30 PM

Denver at Washington 7:30 PM

Detroit at Tampa Bay 8 PM- CBS

Seattle at Minnesota 8 PM

Green Bay at Oakland 10:30 PM--NFL Network



Saturday-AUGUST 25

Kansas City at Chicago- 1 PM-NFL Network

Houston at LA Rams- 4 PM

Tennessee at Pittsburgh- 4 PM-NFL Network

San Francisco at Indianapolis 4:30 PM

Atlanta at Jacksonville- 7 PM

Baltimore at Miami- 7 PM

New Orleans at LA Chargers  8 PM-CBS



Sunday-AUGUST 26

Cincinnati at Buffalo - 4 PM-FOX

Arizona at Dallas- 8 PM NBC



 WEEK 4-

Thursday-  AUGUST 30

Miami at Atlanta- 7 PM

Indianapolis at Cincinnati- 7 PM

Cleveland at Detroit- 7 PM--NFL Network

New England at NY Giants- 7 PM

NY Jets at Philadelphia- 7 PM

Washington at Baltimore 7:30 PM

Carolina at Pittsburgh 7:30 PM

Jacksonville at Tampa Bay 7:30 PM

LA Rams at New Orleans- 8 PM

Buffalo at Chicago- 8 PM

Dallas at Houston- 8 PM

Minnesota at Tennessee- 8 PM

Green Bay at Kansas City 8:30 PM

Denver at Arizona -10 PM--NFL Network

LA Chargers at San Francisco -10 PM

Oakland at Seattle -10 PM

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